Lookie here, a giant barrel of fish…Lock ‘n’ load!

So I go visit the ELCA website to see what’s going on in "Lutheran"
land and run across an ad for The
, the ELCA’s new Women’s E-Magazine.

Wow.  I don’t even know where to begin.

For convenience, I’ll start with the current issue.  There’s a long,
3-page article on forgiveness
I guess I’m a little naive, because I actually dared to hope that somewhere in
that article that there would be the Gospel.  I really did think that I’d
see "Jesus" mentioned in it.  Even I was a little
shocked to find not even one occurrence of either.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty about the psychological benefits of
forgiveness, how forgiving can significantly improve our physical health, and
even an invitation to celebrate International Forgiveness Day (August 7).

Even in the "Faith Reflections" (I can hear Bloghardt-the-Reflector’s
prettyboy Skywalker brain approaching the brink of explosion already), there’s
precious little, if any, Gospel, but plenty of the Law.  Jesus does get
mentioned in this "devotional" ditty on forgiveness — in it, the
author quotes the Bible where there are references to this Jesus guy.

The author, an ELCA "pastorette", does bring up Baptism and the
fact that we receive forgiveness in it, once for all time.  But she does
so, making it sound as though our own forgiveness was a one-time deal that we
don’t really need to bother with giving much thought to anymore.  She talks
about the Lord’s Supper too…but in a way that advocates open communion and
reduces it to a community meal that spans class, race, gender, ethnicity, etc.
where we receive the power to forgive rather than where we faithfully receive
into our bodies Christ’s own Body and Blood for the forgiveness of our sins.

The articles are on FORGIVENESS, ladies.  How in the world can a
Christian even begin to talk about forgiveness without talking about Jesus, who
won our forgiveness, or the Cross where He did so?  This was a perfect
opportunity to share the Gospel in its purity and sweetness.  And they blew
.  That’s what I get for forgetting that no woman who knows the
Gospel would ever be a "pastorette". 


Since finding this tonight and the wealth of things to discuss and false
teachings to expose, I plan to spend quite a bit of time springboarding from
their articles over the next few weeks.  Watch for more frequent Missives!

Here kitty kitty kitty…


Meet Franklin, Isaac and Jitterbug’s new brother.  Isaac chose the name
all by himself, now that he’s almost (Tuesday) a 3-year-old big boy .  I
think he was influenced by the cartoon
that was on this morning…

Madre has to admit…kittens are a riot.  Jitterbug is starting to warm
up already, she only growls and hisses when he comes within 6 feet of her.

So what? Why should I care? Who cares about Kansas anyway?

Well, Dorothy, hang on to your sparkly red slippers and try not to drop a
house on the Lollipop Guild.

Kay O'Connor doesn't believe in women's suffrage and thinks the 19th
Amendment should be rescinded.

For this reason, some womyn are suspicious of her motives, suggesting that O'Connor
will abuse the office of SoS by inappropriately and illegally interfering with
elections and voting:

A Kansas state senator who has been quoted as saying she does not support
the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote is running for Secretary
of State. Republican Sen. Kay O'Connor announced Wednesday that she was
running for the statewide office, which oversees elections and voting. This
position has become increasingly important in allocating voting machines to
districts and precincts, choosing election equipment, and deciding whether
or not to purge voter rolls.

Here's what
was said
at the beginning of the yellow brick road back in 2001.

Sen. O'Connor's website

What do you think?  Has Sen. O’Connor been sniffing too many poppies or
should the Cowardly Lion covet the old girl’s noive?

How to Eat at a Restaurant: A Few Tips from Madre

  • Booths aren't that great. Really. Tables give you more room to be
  • Try something new sometime. Be daring. Spice it up. There are 50 other
    things on the menu, one or two of them just MIGHT be as good as the only
    thing you've ever tried.
  • You are not the only table your server has. Give her a break and be a
    little patient if you see her tending to other tables too.
  • If your server asks you if you are ready to order, and you say,
    "Yes, " please actually BE ready to tell him your order.
  • Everything on the menu tastes great and your server is sure you'll
    really like it.
  • Water is a drink. (As in, "No, I don't want a drink, I'll just
    have a water." Uh…)
  • Salt on the beverage napkin or coaster makes a nasty mess.
  • Leave the sugar and sweetener packets alone unless you're using them
    for your food/drink.
  • Try to remember all the extra stuff you need at once.
  • NO ONE likes screaming or misbehaving children in a restaurant.
  • It is not cute when your child plays with his food all over the table.
  • It is not cute (or safe) to let your child wander around the restaurant
  • If you want to eat while your kids run around and play, I suggest
    McDonald's Playland.
  • Your server is happy to get balloons, crackers, crayons, etc. to help
    YOU keep your child amused.
  • It's much easier/faster to seat a party of 8 or more guests if the
    hosts can plan even 30 min in advance.
  • When eating with a party, stay put in your own seat.
  • Verbal praise for great service is nice but it doesn't pay the bills.
    15% is a standard gratuity – especially on a party of 8 or more.
  • Leaving $2 on an $100 tab is NOT COOL.
  • Unless your bill says otherwise, gratuity is not automatically added to
    your total.

It is your server's goal to make your meal as enjoyable as possible and
anticipate and meet all your needs before you have to ask for something.
Waitstaff only makes minimum wage (or less, in most states) for their hourly
pay, tips are what they work for. If a customer is unhappy with his/her food or
service, politely let your server know and they will do everything possible to
remedy the situation (which usually means free food for the guest). Don't just
stiff your server on the tip at the end of the meal. If you were pleased with
your experience, show it.