A Place of My Own

the past couple of years, my life has been in a state of flux.  Nearly
everything (except the promises of God for me in Christ) was an improvised, temporary solution
that could change in an instant.  It’s not exactly a fun way to live, but I
kind of got used to it.  I did learn to cling even more to the few things
that I could count on (“I am baptized”), especially when that state of flux would occasionally
shift into outright chaos. 

And then all of a sudden, the Lord brought me to Loveland. (Have I mentioned
that I love it here??)  Dream job, pastor who knows the Gospel, great
schools, wonderful people, amazing view to the west…I could go on…

Thursday morning, I dug in my toes, put down roots, and bought myself a
home.  Thursday afternoon, three guys in a moving truck showed up with
lugged in box after box and all sorts of furniture, so much that I had to make
them put it in the basement.  Thursday night, I slept in my own bed on my
own sheets in my own room in my own house.

What a wild ride.  God is so good.